5 ideas for profitable businesses and 10 business sectors to more profitable

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1. Pruning and tree removal
Some people think that this is not a profitable business. However, there are hundreds or even thousands of people in each city that need pruning or removing trees. Most customers just looking to prune their trees, which means that there is a high potential for repeat customers.
2. Landscaping
This is one of the most profitable business ideas used in recent years. If you are a gardener (a) or hire one, then this will be an excellent option. People are always looking for flowers and plants to beautify their homes, but for various reasons are not going to buy them at nurseries. Also, if you own your own nursery is an added benefit because it will increase its offer.
3. Lawn Care
This is a profitable business-like landscaping. The initial cost for implementation of this business is quite low and has an incredible profit potential. There are customers who spend thousands of dollars to make your lawn look green and beautiful. Most people are too busy or too lazy to cut your own lawn, so they are willing to pay for someone else to do. If you are looking for profitable business ideas with low investment, lawn care is something to consider.
4. Network Marketing
This is a profitable business that has more advantages if you choose the right company. Based on experience, be sure to find an inexpensive, about $ 25 or less, and the product must be necessary for its clients. This combination is almost a guarantee of business success. The great advantage of network marketing is that the company owns the product will be paid monthly from the same client, unlike other business models where you pay only once for each client.
5. Providing services online
This is a profitable business that has become increasingly popular over the years. The online services include writing services, translation services, website design, logo design, programming, data typing, and virtually everything can be done on a computer. The great advantage of this business is that it belongs to so called “profitable business from home” and the investment is quite low. Can offer its services to local customers in your city or can offer everyone.
The 10 sectors where the most profitable
It is almost impossible to predict the financial success of a business, but may increase the likelihood of success of your adventure by choosing a business in one of the sectors that have proved most profitable for entrepreneurs.
We review the 10 most profitable business sectors.
1. Consultants and experts in a specialty
This industry includes business consultants, authors, coaches, therapists and psychologists. On average, this is a profitable business that enjoys the highest hourly rates. There are no costs for maintaining inventory and fixed costs are very low. The number of professionals in this sector is rapidly increasing every year and can generate profits of 25% to 35%. This is a profitable business based on knowledge of the person. Most of these businesses employ fewer than 3 people.

2. Accounting and financial services
Although for many this may seem boring industry (keep ledgers, tax, accounting advice, financial advice, etc.), practitioners of these businesses become profitable very interesting if we look at their wallets. These businesses tend to have longer lasting relationships with customers, because most people perceive a high risk by changing to a new provider of these services. Furthermore, these services are a must for customers. This sector achieved a profit of 23% to 26% and have very low operating costs.

3. Legal specialists
The lawyers have excellent earnings and cash flows. The average earnings are 20% to 24%. The success factor in this business is the same as in financial services. Customers maintain lasting relationships. The areas with the greatest benefits are tax law, real estate and divorces.

4. Dental services (general and specialists)
These services have three operational advantages. You can treat several patients simultaneously, the services are high cost and operating costs are relatively low.

5. Designers
Regardless of the specialty (structures, decoration, design marks, clothing and accessories, etc.), professionals in this sector make profits from 16% to 19%. The main advantage is the high price of services and low variance. The greatest asset in this industry is the list of customers by the professional, and your time. The biggest risk here is professional productivity, since it must deliver the product with the lowest use of time.

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